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Did you know that when most of us pray we pray quietly and by ourselves? That's okay but sometimes it doesn't help us to stay faithful in spending time connecting with God. At Living Waters we really want to see our community find life and strength in our times of prayer, so we asked the question - what if we didn't have to pray by ourselves?

The Willoughby Prayer Initiative is a simple tool to help us find community in prayer. Simply sign up with a day of the week, a time, and prayer focus (personal, community, family, etc.) and we will partner with you in helping to find strength in prayer together with some tools to help make our prayer times meaningful. Remember, we are all learning to pray together!

Once you have signed up, we will ask you to download an app to your favorite device which will connect you with some resources to give direction to your times of prayer.

Please sign up below and you will hear from us to help you get started!