LWC is highlighting vulnerable & at-risk youth for the months of September/October. 


Date TBA - We All Play a R.O.L.E. Workshop (Responding to Overdose in Langley through Education) 


“Today’s youth face a myriad of challenges preventing them from living life to the fullest. Challenges like unstable home lives, systemic vulnerability, addiction, mental illness, poverty and even a rapidly changing technological landscape make the social, psychological and cognitive challenges of adolescence all the more difficult to navigate.”

– Youth Unlimited


“Youth today are struggling in ways we have not seen in the past; and in Langley, the services are just not there or accessible to those who need the help.  Youth travel for hours to find services like substance use counselling, mental health counselling, medical services, and support programs.  This inability to access the services and support they greatly need often deters them from seeking it out.  Not only is there a lack of available resources, there is also an absence of a youth-driven space where the youth can engage in a positive and healthy way, and a place where they can feel respected, nurtured and empowered.”

– Langley Youth Hub


Click on Ways to Serve to learn about local organizations working with youth and explore opportunities to get involved.